Keep Austin Weird Festival & 5K

While I was challenged by moments of shyness and performing in the (slippery!) rain, I thoroughly enjoyed doing tricks for the crowds and was truly touched by the number of people who took the time to interact and voice their appreciation. Leila Noone and Thomas Sommo were an inspirational pair to work with, and I was so glad to have the talented Chris Cox as my base.
Between teaching an intermediate series, leading workshops, performing, and being invited to present at a festival in the spring.... this month has been filled with acro succes!

Acrotivity Performance

It was a pleasure to work alongside Duo R&R (Michael Rooney and Rissa Jackson) to conceptualize and choreograph this quartet.

Astronauts & Aliens in: Intergalactic Date Night

Many thanks:
to Leila Noone and Thomas Sommo for the creative direction
to Whole Foods for the performance space
to Glen Burchers for the videography
to Cindy Chapter and Earl McGehee for the photography
to Grant Shipman for making Acrotivity possible