Keep Austin Weird Festival & 5K

While I was challenged by moments of shyness and performing in the (slippery!) rain, I thoroughly enjoyed doing tricks for the crowds and was truly touched by the number of people who took the time to interact and voice their appreciation. Leila Noone and Thomas Sommo were an inspirational pair to work with, and I was so glad to have the talented Chris Cox as my base.
Between teaching an intermediate series, leading workshops, performing, and being invited to present at a festival in the spring.... this month has been filled with acro succes!

Art Outside 2015: Rained Out

Sad to say, Saturday and Sunday events at Art Outside 2015 were cancelled due to heavy rains, strong winds, and flooding brought by Hurricane Patricia. Chris and I were safely towed out of the festival grounds with minimal damage to our very muddy gear.

On the bright side, we met photographer Ricardo Romero and got some great shots playing around in our blacklight reactive outfits.

Utopiafest 2015

Chris and I had a wonderful time at our first Utopiafest!

Many thanks to Joel with Yoga Yoga for having us out. A warm thanks to Matt and Erica of the Wandering Food Pharm and Meera Hoffman with Austin Chair Massage for hosting our evening “performances.”

And a HUGE thanks to our incredible students. It was a joy to share our passion for Acro Yoga with so many of you! Please let us know if you need any help finding acro in your area. We would love to help connect you with your local community.