Event Flyer

Blue Lapis Light offers aerial dance classes in south Austin.


Fashion Photographer Website



Gift Certificate

Blue Lapis Light offers aerial dance classes in south Austin. Custom border design.


Yoga Studio Website



Speed Dating Spoon

The Speed Dating Spoon is a long, double-headed spoon to be used across a table by unacquainted couples. It provides a quick reading on how the pair learns to navigate new situations together — a necessity for any successful long-term relationship.

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Exhibition Announcement

Natural Expression features works on silk by Valerie Short and wooden sculptures by James Nelson.


Design Exhibition: States of Matter

A collaboration with the University of Texas Design Class of 2011
The exhibit format offers viewers a multifaceted understanding of each project through the inclusion of process and contextual materials presented alongside a final artifact. This tripartite arrangement situates all states of the project for equal consideration and suggests that the design process can yield more than one conclusion.


Laundryworks Logo

Designed for a chic laundromat in the heart of Austin, Texas.

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A collaboration with Stephanie Osan, Ayham Ghraowi, and Robbie Polk
A Wayfinding Proposal for the University of Texas at Austin's School of Information developed to keep students and faculty oriented in the space by using visual cues to cognitively link the iSchool's unusually territory: the first and fifth floor of an administrative building.


Design History Database

This design history database makes the editor's role alarmingly visible by saturating the layout with deliberate ambiguity. The sparse, but highly ordered homepage and its dubious, bolded links instill the user with a conscious feeling of hesitancy in his quest to gain knowledge. This site presents an honest lack of authority and conveys the message that no fact is free from the communicator's perspective nor the perceiver's interpretation.


This, That, and the Other

This triptych is a study of the identification and articulation of characterizing visual elements. The first and third image were chosen, based on visual appeal, from a pool of unassociated photographs. After analyzing the distinguishing aspects of each image, the center photograph was composed to bridge their discrepancies.